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Wax Injectors Automatic Candle Boiler Types and Prices

Are you looking for automatic candle boiler wax injectors?  Get here the automatic wax injectors of superior quality. In Alex Machine, you may also find great deals on different types of Masterix products.

Automatic Wax Injectors

An automatic wax injector is a powerful tool for jewelry, eyewear, wristwatch, metal lost wax casting, and other areas. An intelligent film pneumatic conveying system with reduced power consumption, a wireless connection module, and more pleasant read and write operations are available with this system. The automatic wax injector will be ready for use as soon as the rubber mold parameters are set, providing a more useful option for large orders and manufacturing heavy wax injection units. It is also building a labor reliance program to help firms overcome their staff shortages, high labor costs, and inability to manage staff. Keep a lookout for offers and discounts that will allow you to save a significant amount of money on an automatic wax injector. Injectors are available for purchase at discounted pricing. Our goal is to make online buying a pleasant and pleasant experience for our customers.

Working Principle

The automatic wax injector has a minimalist design, is simple to operate, and takes up little space. Wax injection pressure is set at 20 stages in each phase. Aside from that, it is ten times more accurate than the traditional wax injector. For each of the 20 steps, the vacuum, injection, and rest time can be customized. Three main operating characteristics must be followed:

1.   The automatic Touch screen system

Professional industrial touchpad system interface humanized smart design components, quick reaction, and easy to use.

  • The accurate instruction controlling system can instantly read and write intelligent rubber mold parameters.
  • The cross rubber mold can be mixed with full production control number and on-time completion of all orders.
  • The system automatically stops, and massive savings work gets done to count the quantity of a product.

2.   A read-write sensor chip 

Don't worry about data backup storage or system working speed. It has time-saving features, and the sensor chip can be used constantly. Waxes may be injected quickly and efficiently when the rubber has been adjusted with an independent chip, and any parameter combination is possible.

3.   Intelligently enhanced manipulators

  • Full automatic intelligent force clamped rubber mold.
  • Operations operate smoothly.
  • Rubber molds of different sizes can be accepted.


To set the pressure, push the button twice. It is less complicated and more convenient than it was before. This automatic wax injection injector can be used for various applications such as jewelry making and wax injection molding. Furthermore, this vacuum wax injection injector is constructed of high-quality stainless steel material that is long-lasting and corrosion-resistant. Vacuum wax injector for jewelry air pressure equipment with a round shape.

Masterix Automatic Wax Boiler

Use new technologies in the jewelry sector. The MI-01 A "Auto Start" is a newer version of Masterix's top-selling wax injector. Up to 2 seconds, each cycle can be saved by using the "Auto Start" system. This results in productivity improvements and up to 2,400 pieces per day of increased production. What is the function of this unique device, and how does it work? The injection cycle begins automatically when the mold is inserted into the clamp without any controls being activated. It has excellent functionality with a strong security emphasis. As a result, if the operator's hand is mistakenly put into the clamp during the work cycle, the injector will stop working.

Find the Top 9 Masterix products;

1.   Masterix Standart Wax Injector Single

2.   Masterix Auto-Start Wax Injector Single

3.   Masterix Standart Wax Injector Double

4.   Masterix Auto-Start Wax Injector Double

5.   Masterix Smart Wax Injector with Slide

6.   Masterix Smart Wax Injector

7.   Automatic Wax Injector

8.   Wax Injector 2.5 kg

9.   Wax Injector Automatic Air Adapter 2.5 kg

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Band Wax Boiler

The band Wax boiler is intended to tackle the issues that have arisen from the traditional wax heating process. We have an exclusive variety of band wax boiler Machines for you to choose from. This boiler is used to melt wax and soap in various shapes, sizes, and amounts. In addition, the band wax boiler is equipped with an internal measuring scale to aid in the accuracy of the filling process.




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