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Jewelry Findings and Chain Types and Prices

Are you looking for a great deal on jewelry findings and chains?   There's no need to look any further. Buying the best findings and chains is easy when you shop with Alex Machine, and we have a wide variety to choose from! Remember to filter for items that are eligible for free shipping and returns to get the best online shopping experience.

What are Jewelry Findings?

Jewelry findings are components that aren't formed of beads, gemstones, or stringing materials. Findings are the small components that make up your jewelry. Findings include jumps, clasps, rings, hooks, and eye pins. Gold, silver, and gunmetal are all popular metal finishes for them. What do findings mean? It's difficult to understand how things used to be since jewelers had to handcraft each item. Jewelers used to make findings from scrap metal, and these discarded parts were known as findings.

What are Jewelry Chains?

Chains made of fine metal are used in jewelry to wrap body parts such as the neck, wrists, and ankles, and they can also be used to hang charms and pendants for decoration. Chains made for jewelry or the body are more visually appealing than those made for aesthetic uses.

Wholesale Chain

Chains have always been popular in jewelry. Our trendy chains are great for jewelry making and other crafts. Our chains come in stainless steel, electroplated silver, and copper, and fine-ready chains in stainless steel and copper base. We also have fine-colored chains that can be paired with silver or gold plated chains to create unique jewelry items. Each chain can be used differently depending on your design demands. Try out our chains in various sizes to suit your needs.

Where can I acquire necklace chains for jewelry making? You'll find inexpensive necklace chains, wholesale jewelry chains solid metal chains, antique copper chains, and necklace chains in bulk here.

Wholesale Findings

Findings, settings, chains, and charms are just a few of the many items we stock.  Wire, sheet, and solder are just some of the supplies you'll find on your jeweler’s workbench when you order from us. There are other products in different metals such as gold-filled, copper, brass, and 14kt gold and silver available. Take a look at our wholesale finding collection to uncover the most unusual or customized, handmade goods from our finding store.

Findings and Chain Types

Jewelry findings and chains come in a variety of styles to suit a wide range of needs. The following are the top three:

1.   Silver chain

  • Cable and Rolo
  • Figaro and Curb
  • Twist and Marinar
  • Byzantine Sterling Silver Chains
  • Other Sterling Silver Chains
  • Box and Cobra Sterling Silver Chains

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2.   Silver Finding

  • Silver Jump Rings
  • Silver Chain Ends
  • Earring Components
  • Silver Bails
  • Silver Components

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3.   Silver Clasps

  • Pearl Shape Lobster Clasps
  • Sterling Silver Lobster Clasps
  • Box Clasps

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Jewelry Findings and Chains Prices

What are the jewelry findings and chain prices? It's a popular question among jewelers, especially newbies. Price is determined by several factors. Type, quantity, size, material, and buying location. The price of findings and chains vary substantially depending on the item.

You might be able to get the best jewelry findings and chains at a lower price. As a client, you will almost surely be able to locate high-quality findings within your budget. Get the correct guidance and know where to shop to achieve this.

Alex has all of your spare jewelry findings and chains. Our store has everything from finds to chains. We have everything you need. Buying jewelry findings and chains during a sale offers great savings and high-quality products. The pricing and other specifications may vary depending on the product's color and size. First, visit our website for pricing details.

Buy Jewelry Findings and Chains

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Educate yourself by reading honest consumer reviews. These reviews can help you select the greatest product for your needs, regardless of your budget. Also, keep an eye out for sales and offers on jewelry findings and chains. We have everything you need to properly prep and finish your jewelry. We have a large selection of jewelry-making materials. Please contact Alex Machine's sales reps if you need further assistance. Check out our greatest collection for little, delicate objects


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