Jewelry Casting Supplies Online

Starting one’s own jewelry line looks daunting for beginners, especially if they don’t have the right tools at their disposal. A few years ago, crafting your own jewelry line was unthinkable. The machines cost a fortune and they were bigger than what you can keep in a small room. But with time, things have improved thanks to technology. Now you can start your jewelry line right from the comfort of your home. It is no longer a dream. Get all the jewelry casting supplies today! Anyone can make jewelry. They just need the right cast and machines to get it done. If you are unaware of various terminologies used for jewelry casting, then that’s what you will learn here. Or, if you want to buy jewelry casting kits, then simply click on each link and order right now.

Jewelry Casting Supplies Explained

The list of supplies you will need to create a custom jewelry piece from raw to furnished form include:

Wax for Mold

Wax is usually provided by wax manufacturers. The wax is used for creating a mold of any design. Today, you can create the design on computer and then use it to cast on the wax. However, most manufacturers also offer pre-made wax molds.

Wax Injectors

How will the wax be injected in the mold? That’s what these wax injectors do.

Wax Working Tools

Wax tools help polish the wax in a particular design. These include electric wax workers, hand detailers, sculptors, and mandrels

Lost Wax Rubber Mold Containers

These are the containers in which your wax mold will be contained so that it can be placed in the furnace.

Mold Crafting Supplies

List of materials that you will need to craft wax molds for creating the final form of jewelry.

Casting Flask

Flask with higher temperature melting point so that you can burn all types of metals in them easily through the ovens.

Burn Out Ovens

Controlled burn out ovens for casting jewelry. Include pyrometers and wax trays.

Metal Casting Grain

Small pellets of metals including silver, gold, and other types that you would need to cast jewelry kits.

Jewelry Casting Kit Prices

Today, many jewelry casting kits are available online that you can buy to create your own pieces of jewelry or to sell them through online shopping stores. The basic equipment you would need for jewelry casting will include:

  • Jewelry Casting Furnace

A casting furnace is used to give controlled heat to the metal so to burn it properly. These can range from 30 cm wide to 60 cm wide depending on your requirements. However, most jewelry casting furnaces don’t require a lot of space so you are probably fine with one. The cost of a casting furnace can start from $750 and go all the way to $2,000.

  • Jewelry Casting Flask

The casting flask carries the gold or any other metal from the furnace so that it can be put in the casting mold. The mold gives the metal its desired shape. Casting flasks can be of various types - again depending on the type of flask used.

  • Lost-Wax

Lost-wax can be easily bought from multiple jewelry machine kit sellers. They provide wax for molding and jewelry design. The wax molding packets can be bought for as low as $10.

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Lost Wax Casting Method

Jewelry casting is the process of casting jewelry in a mold to give it the desired pattern. It all starts with a wax pattern also called the ‘lost-wax process.’ First, a mold is created of the desired pattern that you want. There are jewelry casting machines available that can craft the wax mold in a specific pattern. When you have the mold ready, you will need a casting flask to get things in order.

Gold Jewelry Kits

The lost wax method is used for casting gold jewelry casting kit. In the past few centuries, the process hasn’t changed however the materials have become more advanced. Gold jewelry kits are not available online and you can easily create custom patterns through vacuum casting machines. Gold Jewelry Kits include the jewelry casting supplies such as mold, wax, injectors, furnace, casting machinesand melting furnaces. However, laser casts can now be used to create engraved jewelry with sheer brilliance. Buy jewelry casting supplies for your custom jewelry business and start selling to the global market.   FAQ Everything you need to know about jewelry casting machines, gold casting kits, flasks, molds, and wax.

  1. 1.What does it mean to cast jewelry?

Every metal can be molded into a specific shape by putting it on the heat in a furnace. The cast transforms it into your desired shape. There are many jewelry casting machines available that can get the job done. Most hobbyists use these casting machines to create their own jewelry and sell online. The most common method of jewelry casting is with the lost-wax method.

2. How do you cast jewelry at home?

You will need jewelry casting supplies to cast jewelry at home. A few things you would need include jewelry casting kit, flask, mold, laser casting machine, sand polisher. You would also need expertise in casting jewelry because it is a delicate and dangerous process. You can even burn yourself if you are not too careful.

  1. 3.How much does jewelry casting cost?

Jewelry casting kit can start from $500 and go as high as $10,000. Different materials in the jewelry casting process will have different prices. Most jewelry casting supplies offer all the materials at once. However, if you are just starting out with the jewelry casting process, it is better to pick only the supplies that you need. This way you will save more in cost.You can buy mini casting starter kit from below link

Mini casting starter kit 

  1. 4.How do you make gold casting?

Gold casting works in exactly the same way as steel or silver casting. But since gold melts at a much higher temperature, the process can vary a little. You will still need to mold wax to create a design and then pour molten gold into it.

  1. 5.How long does it take to cast a ring?

If you have the mold ready, the design can take around two hours to be molded into the right shape. Then you will need to burn out and cast it with a vacuum casting machine. So, the complete process can be around 8 hours to 12 hours.

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