Human Resources

Who's Alex?

Founded in 1985 by Murat Çağlar and named as Alex Machine since 2004, Alex Machine has been providing service to the members of the jewelry sector, domestic and foreign jewelery manufacturers, and has been carrying out its activities with a deep-rooted corporate identity with its 35 years of history. Our company meets all kinds of machinery, equipment and consumable needs of our precious producers meticulously, ensures that everything from A to Z is under one roof such as the store in Grand Bazaar and IVP which is located at the hearts of our sector. Our organization targets and strategies, to be converted to individual targets and allows our most valuable resource, our employees continuously makes their performance in achieving their goals, develops and seeks to create a value that employees can develop themselves. Alex aims to carry forward the work that has been going on since the beginning with his new team mates in order to make his company a universal organization with entrepreneurial, open to change, passionate staff.

Our Human Resources Policy:

Our human resources policy; It is our most basic principle to find the team mates Alex Machine  needs in line with its goals, to create a safe, healthy, peaceful working environment in terms of an efficient work environment and to ensure its continuity.

In Our Company;

  • To provide qualified employment in line with its goals and strategies,
  • To keep the organizational structure dynamic by ensuring the motivation of our employees, to prepare our employees for current and future changes
  • To maximize the contributions of our team members to the company and themselves by supporting them to use their knowledge, skills and competencies in the most efficient way,
  • To follow a transparent and open management policy for our employees,
  • To gain people who are open to innovations and changes, have entrepreneurial ability, energetic, who aim to develop themselves and their business, who will adopt and live our values to our organization.

Human Resources Specialist
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