Jewelry Polishing Machine and Equipments 

  Jewelry Polishing machine and its supplies; polishing cloth for silver, gold, and platinum. Buy here to buffer your jewelry at an affordable price. Alex with a free shipping option.

Jewelry Polishing Machine

The Polishing Machine with another name the Buffing Machine’s function is to polish;

  • Soft metals such as gold, silver and brass alloys

When it is turned on; two ‘buffs’ will start to spin at high speed. To polish the material, press it against the buffs carefully and move it backward and forwards. To polish the material on the jewelry polishing machine; First, the filing process should have done on the material to remove the scratches. Second, emery cloth or wet and dry paper should be used to make the surfaces smoother. Applying the polish to rotate the buffand before pressing the material against it is an important point.

Desktop Double Polishing MachinePolishing Machine Medium Case GladyatorPolishing Machine Big Case Gladyator

How to use the Jewelry Polishing Machine

Before starting to use it, reading its guide is very crucial. That will help to see the right way to hold the material and show how to push the material against the rotating mop. The material should be moved forwards and backward against the bottom part of the mop while it was held securely in both hands. To polish materials easier, the material should not be held in one place. The full width of the mop must be used. The big attention is necessary because the rotating mop must not catch the corner of the material. If that happens, it can cause the material to rip from hands and it can fly at high speed into the person who is holding the material. Theway of holding which is expressed in theprevioussentence is a verydangeroussituationtohappen. So be careful. ALSO, the user should be very careful because the material should be pressed on the top of the mop. It can cause the user to drop the material, and it can fly to user's heads or faces.

Points to help you to choose a Jewelry Polishing Machine

While choosing a jewelry polishing machine, there should be a couple of things that should be kept in mind. Those things can be listed as;

  • The personal budget of the buyer.
  • The type of jewelry that the buyer owns.
  • The place that will be used for polishing jewelry. Such as; home or for a shop.

The Personal Budget

As it is the same with any purchasing activity, the budget of the buyer has a crucial place about making the selection of the jewelry polishing machine. Polishing motor can be enough, however; they might provide less performance and power than higher-end polishers. Therefore; for personal needs; one can choose the smaller polishers because it might be efficient.

The Type of Jewelry

The type of jewelry which is going to be polished determines the type of the jewelry polishing machine. Silver producers can prefer the polishing machines with less strong vacuum, however; when the gold’s universal value is considered, gold producers should prefer the polishing machines with the strong vacuum. The recycling percentage of the polishing machines that has strong vacuum is between %99-99,5.

The place where the machine is going to be used

It might be very likely for some people to want to buy a jewelry polishing machine to use it at home. However, it should not be forgotten that some polishing machines are better to use in a work environment or shop. People who are doing this as hobby at home can prefer the desktop jewelry polishing machines. Desktop jewelry polishing machines’ vacuums are helpful to recycle, and also, they provide a clean work place thanks to these vacuums.

Jewelry Polishing Machine with Vacuum

This type of polishing machine is collecting the dust with its vacuum. Hence, it will provide a cleaner workspace. Desktop jewelry polishing machines are easy to use anytime, anywhere. The most applied to polish;

  • Metal or plastics parts for a refined appearance.
  • Aluminum
  • Acrylic dental materials
  • Chrome
  • Jewelry

Jewelry Buffer and Polisher

Jewelry buffer and polisher help to polish the jewelry. Polishing is always a necessity to finish the process of removing;

  • Scratches
  • Nicks
  • Other mars in the metal.

The polishing process will make the gold, silver or platinum materials to shine well. With Jewelry buffer and polisher, soft metals and plastics can be polished. It definitely will make the jewelry to reach its original shine.

Jewelry Polishing Tools

During the polishing process, there are a couple of tools that can make the process easier and more convenient. Also, safety comes first so safety equipment should be used while using the polisher. These might be the equipment which will be needed during that process;


Buffs are one of the other jewelry polishing tools. Alex Machine provides buffs for polishing jewelry. Buffs include;

  • Felt
  • Chamois
  • Wool
  • Muslin, and chemically treated muslin
  • Flannel
  • Cotton
  • Scotchbrite

There are different kinds of Buffs, some of them are;

  • White Polishing Buffs
  • Green Buffs
  • Yellow Polishing Buffs
  • Blue Polishing Buffs
  • Orange Polishing Buffs

All kinds which are given above can be applied to polish precious and non-precious metals. They are all made of high-quality cotton.

White Polishing BuffsYellow Polishing BuffsOrange Polishing BuffsBlue Polishing Buffs


Compounds are another equipment that can be used while polishing jewelry. Alex Machine provides the compounds in the following:

  • Dialux (White, Red, Blue, Green)

Dialux polishing compounds are going to produce very high finish for every metals.

  • Luxor Compound (Pink, White, Yellow, Orange)
  • Menzerna (P164, 456G, M5, Blue, White, Brown, Green)
  • Oily Paste


Alex Machine offers two kinds of polishes from Hagerty;

  • Silver Polish is a lotion to clean and keep the silver and silver-plated materials.

Here you can find this item 

  • Copper, Brass, and Bronze Polish is a lotion to clean and keep the copper, brass, and bronze objects.

Here you can find this item

Silver Polish

It is very likely to see silver in every house or everywhere. So, silver polishing is an important step in taking care of the silver. But what is the process of Silver Polish? Here is the answer... First of all; the material will determine the abrasive that will need to be used.

  • In the first stage; if the material is unfinished; a hard abrasive should be used and then in each state a finer abrasive should be used.
  • The rough abrasive will make the imperfections, nicks, pits, lines, or scratches to go away.
  • The finer abrasives can leave finer lines that are not probable to see with the naked eye.
  • To finish, polishing and buffing should be done. It can be done by hand with a polisher or die grinder.

While buffing, two types of buffing motions can be seen;

  • Color motion is giving a bright, clean, and a shiny surface finish to the metal.
  • The cut motion is for giving a smooth, uniform, semi-bright surface finish.

When polishing a softer metal, brass;

  • To have a smooth surface, the brass should be polished with a grit.

Jewelry Buffing Cloth

Jewelry buffing cloth is another important jewelry polishing tool. With jewelry buffing cloth, it is possible to polish jewelry, medical and small parts. Buffing is the finishing process which is involving the use of a finer abrasive on a wheel. Therefore; these buffing cloths can be in the form of the wheel as well. It is one of the crucial stages of finishing your polishing to have shining metal. Frequently Asked Questions (Q & A)

  1. 1.How do you use a magnetic tumbler?

First, put the clean tumbler pins with soap and water, and jewelry into the container. Then set the timer for 30 minutes, and switch the tumbler on. Your jewelry will be ready after 30-40 minutes. Jewelry should be rinsed and dried after this process.

  1. 2.What ispolishing machine?

It is the machine that is used for polishing and cleaning jewelry. It makes jewelry to shine and look clean.

  1. 3.What is the finest polishing compound?

Here you can find the finest polishing compounds.

  1. 4.What's the difference between buffing and polishing?

In polishing, the grit-based abrasive is loosely attached not glued onto the wheel. However, in buffing; the abrasive is used on the wheel.

  1. 5.What is the process of buffing?

Buffing is the process of giving a shining finish to the metal. To buff a material, a wheel that is covered with an abrasive disc. This process is the key to smoother surfaces.

  1. 6.Does polishing remove material?

No, polishingremovedoesn’tremovethematerial. Itonlyhelpsforjewelrytohave a smoothersurface.

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