Mini Casting System

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  • Product Code 499-171
    Weight 128 kg
    Set Contect
    1 piece Mini Casting Machine
    1 piece Tabletype Casting Furnace Mini
    1 piece Electrical Melting Furnace 2 Kg
    1 piece Wax Injector 2.5 kg
    2 Kg Blue Wav Small Beads 1 Kg
    1 piece Sprue Mould Double 2 pcs (7/B)
    1 piece Rubber Base (60 mm)
    1 piece Rubber Base (70 mm)
    1 piece Wax Pen Adaptor Single
    1 piece Ersa Wax Pen
    1 piece Flanged Flask Holed(60x130)
    1 piece Flanged Flask Holed (70x150)
    1 piece Mixing Bowl Large
    1 piece Goldex Investment Powder 22.5 kg
    1 piece Spatula Large
    1 piece Flask Tong 60/70 mm
    1 piece Kevlar Heat Resistant Gloves Tall
    1 piece Electrical Melting Crucubile 2 kg
    1 piece Silicone Gasket Brown (60 mm)
    1 piece Silicone Gasket Brown (70 mm)
    1 piece Rofald Carbide Sprue Cutter

    *With this casting set, you can perform the entire casting process of a product that is rubber model or printed with a 3d printer.
    *With this set, wax can be injected, casting tree can be prepared, plaster vacuuming can be done, plaster cooking and casting can be done.
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