Crucible and Tong Types and Prices

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Crucible and Tong Types

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1.   Induction Crucible

A crucible induction is an oven coated with a refractory ramming compound and cooled by water. Check out our great selection.

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2.   Melting Crucible

Pot-shaped containers are commonly used to hold the metal in the furnace, then heated to melt it. In addition to graphite and silicon carbide, it can also be manufactured of tantalum or tungsten, suitable for high-temperature applications.

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3.   Vacuum Crucible

We have offered a premium selection of Crucible for Vacuum Casting. Our entire crucible range is available in various sizes to suit our clients' needs. This crucible is made from premium quality raw material and advanced technology. Our offered crucible is admired by our clientele for its precise dimensions.

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4.   Ceramic Crucible

It is a simple crucible made of ceramic material, such as kiln-fired clay, used in ceramic experiments. Historically, ceramic crucibles have been used as a metalworking tool from approximately 5000 BC.

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5.   Thermocouples and Tongs

Thermocouples are used in various applications, including home appliances, industrial operations, electric power generation, furnace monitoring and control, and furnace monitoring.

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What are Crucible and Tong?


A vessel in which metallic materials are melted to form new objects or alloys. Crucibles are often built of ceramic materials that can sustain extremely high temperatures. Your crucible's material should always have a far greater melting point than the items you're heating. They can also be steel or iron to melt softer metals like aluminum and zinc, which melt at temperatures lower than the crucible material.


Tongs are a standard tool for holding and lifting. Each tong has a unique purpose, and they come in a range of forms and sizes.

What are Crucible and Tong Used for?

Crucible used:

Crucibles were used years ago to create alloys and cast metals. It is necessary to heat the metals to their melting point in a crucible before being cast into new pieces. The crucible can create a new alloy by melting a mixture of materials with additional elements. Gold and copper are combined to create rose gold, while silver and gold make white gold. Steel or silicon steel is the end product of fusing iron with carbon or silicon during melting. The final alloy is usually stronger and more durable.

Tong used:

Tongs must be used to remove soldered things from the pickle. Copper tongs are necessary if your pickle solution contains sodium bicarbonate. Other metal tongs will react with the pickle and contaminate the pickled object. They must be avoided.

Crucible and Tong Selection by Alex

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Crucible and Tong Prices

What is the cost of crucible and tong? It's a popular question among skilled artisans, especially those new to the industry. The price of crucible and tong types is determined by several things. These factors includecrucible and tong types, weight, material, and purchase location. The crucible and tongcan vary greatly depending on whether it is new or used. However, you may be able to find the most incredible itemsfor a reduced cost. Getting the bestcrucible and tong types, on the other hand, should not be an excuse to go bankrupt. As a customer, you will likely be able to choose a high-quality product that meets your requirements while remaining within your budget. This is feasible if you have the expert guidance and the right place to buy.

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